Inspired by old-world meat markets and butcher houses, The Gilty Pig specializes in house made sausages, an array of house made pickles, jellies, jams, and sauces as well as seasonal, sustainable lunch and dinner menu items. Known throughout Chicago for its incomparable gourmet fare The Gilty Pig, has since 2017, served hundreds of happy customers at restaurant takeovers, pop-ups, catering engagements, and farmer’s markets at some of Chicago’s most renowned venues, including: The London House Hotel, Dark Matter Coffee, The Emporium, The Continental, House of Vans, Archie’s, Motoblot, Federal Moto, and more. Powered by the hard-earned craftsmanship of Chefs Jennifer Brooks and Erick von Kondrat, The Gilty Pig is now ready to establish a permanent location from which to satisfy Chicago market’s insatiable appetite for approachable-but-artisan offerings.

The team behind The Gilty Pig boasts more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Jennifer Brooks – Owner / Executive Chef
Chef Brooks followed a path forged from family history, hard work, and determination. After completing her culinary education at Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Chef Brooks moved on to become the head or executive chef at such institutions as Sushi Wabi, De Cero at the heart of Randolph Street’s Restaurant Row, and Fork in The Road. Chef Brooks has also worked as a private chef, chef consultant, as well as teaching at College of Dupage and running the school restaurant, Evolve Bistro, at the Illinois Institute of Art.

Erick von Kondrat – Co-owner / Chef
Erick took his commitment to service to a new level. Realizing his passion for food and art later in life, Chef von Kondrat turned in his gun and badge after twenty-two years as a Chicago Police Officer to hone his skills in butchery and charcuterie. After attending the Illinois Institute of Art Culinary School, Erick sought hands on experience in New Orleans under the eye of Chef Donald Link, honing his craft at a number of establishments ranging from 50-200 seats and which turned over 1.5-2 times per night.

The Gilty Pig team came together through an unparalleled respect for food, history, and community. Driven to sustain the classic crafts of butchery and charcuterie as well as continuing to create an ever relevant and eclectic menu utilizing only the finest locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, including and featuring produce from local urban farms in Chicago itself!

For inquiries regarding services email us: thegiltypig@gmail.com

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